Bruce Lipton: "Thoughts heal more than medicine"

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Bruce Lipton calls for a new medicine, one that takes energy into account for its ability to heal.

Bruce Lipton

He calls for a new medicine, one that takes into account the ability to heal energy, much more effective than drugs. Bruce Lipton (United States, 1944) has managed to combine science and spirit. His merit is not little if we take into account how "allergic" scientists are to transcendental issues. He has a doctorate in Cell Biology and was a pioneer in stem cell research. His studies on the cell membrane and the modifications of cells according to the environment laid the foundations for the new epigenetics. His discoveries (which went against the established scientific opinion that life is controlled by genes) and the study of quantum physics have led him to harshly criticize conventional medicine. He is the author of books such as The Biology of Belief and The Biology of Transformation.

You say that conventional medicine is on the wrong track. How dangerous are the drugs prescribed to us?
They give us medicine for the disease, but this causes many problems in the body. Because this medicine based on pharmacology does not understand how all the biochemistry of the organism is interrelated. When I take a chemical pill and put it into my body, it doesn't just affect the place where I have the problem, it affects many other things at the same time. They are called “side effects”. But, in reality, they are not secondary but direct. They don't understand that the effect of drugs creates not just one effect, but multiple ones. According to statistics in the USA, drugs kill more than 300,000 people there every year! And those people are many more than those who die from taking illegal drugs. There is something wrong with medical science. It does some things right, like trauma, but it's killing a lot more people than it's helping. You have to learn how cells work.

And what has he discovered about cells that medicine doesn't take into account?
I was already working with them in the 1960s. I was a pioneer because at that time there were very few people working on it. And an experiment I did around that time changed my idea of ​​the world. I put a stem cell in a petri dish and, as every ten hours it divides into two, after two weeks, I had thousands of cells, all identical. Then I took some of them, put them in another dish and changed the cellular environment (they are more like fish because they live in a fluid environment). I changed the chemistry on that plate and they built muscle there. Then I took others from the first course and put them in a different environment, and they formed bone, and others turned to fat when I changed the environment again. So the question is very simple, what controls the fate of cells? They were all identical, the only thing that was different was the setting. When I take healthy cells and put them in a harmful environment, the cells get sick and die. If a doctor looked at them, he would say, "What medicine should I give them?" But no medicine is needed! You change their harmful environment, you put them in a healthy and healthy one and the cells heal. Humans are a community of 50 trillion cells, therefore, the cell is the living being and the person is a community. The human is a petri dish covered in skin!

The pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to get well without buying their drugs. Can you put energy in a capsule?

What is the environment of the cell that needs to be taken care of?
Inside me there are 50 trillion cells and the cellular environment for us is the blood, so the composition of the blood changes the fate of the cell. And what controls the blood? Well, the nervous system, which creates a different chemistry depending on the external system. The cell and the human being are the same thing. Therefore, if I put the human being in a harmful environment, just like the cell, he also gets sick. If you move him to a healthy environment, then he heals. So medicine blames the cells for the disease and tries to change the chemistry of the cells, but that's not the problem, the problem is the environment. And if you change the person's environment, without drugs, the brain changes the chemistry. The brain of the cell and that of the person read and understand the environment.

In a healthy environment, do we heal automatically? That easy?
It is not so easy, because the mind interprets. It may happen that we are in a very healthy environment and that the mind reads it as a negative or harmful environment. So it creates a chemistry that will make my body sick. The difference between the cell and the human being is that the latter has a mind that makes an interpretation and the cell reads the environment directly. If you put a program with bugs in the mind, then the chemistry it generates is not in harmony with life. And this helps us to understand how a placebo works. I change my belief and I think that this will heal me, I take a pill because I believe that this will bring me health, and it works and heals me, but the pill could be sugar, it hasn't really done anything, it has been my beliefs. And we call that positive thinking and the placebo effect.

Are you saying that the placebo effect – believing that something will heal us – is more healing than a drug? But there is almost no research on that.
Yes you're right. Are you aware that there is more than one way to make energy without having to rely on oil? But we continue to depend on oil because those who control energy are not interested in change. The same goes for pharmaceutical companies. They sell drugs and is being able to heal without drugs good or bad for the pharmaceutical industry? They don't want you to heal without buying their drugs. Can you put energy in a capsule? If so, the pharmaceutical companies would try to sell it to you. If I can heal without using drugs, the industry that produces them doesn't make any money. We should be able to say that science is separate from the pharmaceutical industry, but that is not the case, because the development of science is paid for with its money, and that money only goes to those studies that say that drugs work. Money controls science.

Explain to us how that power that you say your mind has for self-healing works.
I have talked about how the mind controls: if it thinks one way, it goes one way, and if it thinks another way, it goes another. For example, I close my eyes, open them and see someone I love. So my brain secretes dopamine, oxytocin, etc. I can feel it in my body, I can feel the love, and that chemistry brings health to the cells. That's why, whoever falls in love feels so good. But if I open my eyes and see something that scares me, I release stress hormones. And these do two things. The first is that they slow down the growth of the body. Because if a lion is chasing me, I need all the energy to be able to escape, and my body turns off everything that is not essential to run faster, so everything that has to do with growth is paralyzed. People don't know it, but you have to grow every day, because if you don't, you die. Every day hundreds of billions of cells die and you have to produce new ones. Every three days, the digestive system renews its cells, but if that growth is interfered with, then I can't be healthy because I'm losing too many cells a day, that's why chemotherapy causes hair to fall out and creates digestion problems, because it kills all cells, not just cancer cells. The second consequence of stress hormones is that everything that uses energy is shut down, and the immune system uses a lot of energy: when you are sick, you feel very tired because your energy is being used by the immune system.

If you put the human being in a harmful environment, just like the cell, it gets sick. If you move it to a healthy environment, then it heals

That means that stress makes us sick, right?
Stress hormones turn off the immune system, even medicine uses this effect on some occasions. For example, if I had a heart transplant, my immune system would reject it. In those cases, doctors give stress hormones and that prevents the immune system from working. It is so clear that it suppresses the immune system that we use it as a drug. When the person is under stress, it affects in two ways: the first is that there is no growth and the second is that the immune system is turned off. In this way, harmful viruses can easily attack me. When you are under a lot of stress, you get sick. And I have to say, if we take a blood sample from each person, we find that we all have cancer cells. We always have them, but if the immune system is working, they cannot grow. Once the immune system is turned off, they proliferate. It's like a cold: you don't have to catch the virus, you already have it inside. They are opportunistic organisms. 90 percent of people who go to the doctor is due to stress, and cancer works the same way.

Explain to us what quantum medicine or energy medicine is.
As I was saying, the first reason medicine today is questionable is because doctors don't know how cells work. The second is that medicine is based on Newtonian physics. It does not recognize the energy, that invisible part, the electromagnetic signals. But, at the beginning of the 20th century, quantum physics appeared, which says that everything is energy, what we can see and also what is invisible. If you look inside the atom, there are electrons, protons, neutrons. And what's inside? Energy. The latest science indicates that the body responds to quantum physics, not Newtonian. The medicine says that it wants to change the chemistry of the organism with drugs and the new medicine says that the energy has to be changed. And this new medicine, quantum, is much more powerful, because the energy field responds first than the physical one.

The mind is energy. When you think, you transmit and energy, and thoughts are more powerful than chemistry

If everything is energy, thoughts too? How do they influence our health?
The mind is energy. When you think, you transmit energy, and thoughts are more powerful than chemistry. So this is worse for the pharmaceutical companies because they can't sell it. Therefore, they are not interested in a connection between the mind and the body. But it is true that the beliefs themselves become an energy field, a transmission, and this is transformed into a signal that is capable of changing the organism. And this is how healing worked before the development of medicine. People healed with shamans, with their hands... but that can't sell and that's why medicine doesn't want to go that way. And it's the reason I changed my career. I was teaching in college that you have to stick with drugs and I knew that wasn't true. Medicine knows it, but does not talk about it. He knows that positive thinking, the placebo, can heal, and also that negative thinking can kill. One is called a placebo and the other nonovo. Actually, it's not that it's positive or negative, it's the way of thinking. If the doctor tells you that you have cancer, even if you don't have cancer, if you believe it, you will create the chemistry that will generate cancer. Therefore, the problem is not so much the real environment but the one that you interpret.

And that links to quantum physics.
Totally. That's why medicine doesn't work, because it doesn't recognize quantum science. He doesn't look there because the money is elsewhere.

You have explained that, in the mind, the one who really has the power is the subconscious, that is why it is so difficult to change habits of thought?
It is millions of times more powerful and more important than the conscious mind. We use the subconscious 95 percent of the time.

But we can't control it.
You can reschedule it. Information from the subconscious is received in the first six years of life. What you learned in those years becomes the fundamental knowledge of your life. Therefore, there are many studies that show that the diseases that we have as adults, such as cancer, have to do with the programming and the environment that we live in the first six years of life.

Behaviors that come from the subconscious are not perceived and may be hurting you

In other words, children also absorb their illnesses or their negative attitudes, and thus their subconscious is 'programmed'. What a great responsibility for parents!
People, when they hear this, worry, blame themselves. But you are not guilty if you do not know that the subconscious works like this. Our parents, our grandparents and great-grandparents did not know it. Now, when you understand it, you have to change your way of living, because then you are responsible. It has been shown that if an adopted child has cancer cases in her family, when he matures he may develop cancer even though his genetics are different. It would be something like driving a car: if you were taught to drive badly and you have automated that way of driving, then you will most likely have accidents. If you were taught to abuse your body with bad information, you will destroy the vehicle of your body, whose driver is the mind. The future is a better education for children, even in the prenatal stage.

Can we reprogram the subconscious to be healthier or happier with our lives?
The behaviors that come from the subconscious are not perceived and may be hurting you. Maybe you feel sick and blame something else. By changing these erroneous programs in the subconscious, you can recreate your entire life. There are several ways to do it. It is thought that when the conscious mind registers something, the subconscious also filters that information, but this is not the case. The conscious mind is creative and the subconscious is about all habits. If you teach the subconscious something different, you teach it to the conscious too, but not the other way around. Therefore, the way to reprogram is to repeat and repeat until a habit is created. If I read a self-help book, my conscious mind says, "I know everything in the book and I apply it," but my subconscious doesn't know anything. So, you think: "Why do I know so much and still my body does not work?". Positive thoughts, knowledge... only work 5% of the time, but 95% are the habits I have since childhood. And that is the reason why positive thoughts are not enough. They help, but you don't see much results. Everything remains the same until you change the subconscious. Energy-based psychology techniques like hypnosis or Psych-K are a way to change the subconscious, it's like fast learning.

With his research, he has combined science and belief, a pairing that most scientists avoid. Do you believe in eternity?
Absolutely. No two people are the same, and I say this from a biological point of view. If I take my cells and the tr winged to your body, it's not me, the immune system rejects them. In the cells there are like a kind of miniature antennas. They are receptors and some are autoreceptors. You have different autoreceptors than mine. But receptors receive signals from the environment. If I cut those receptors, the cell has no identity, because it doesn't come from inside but from outside. To explain it graphically, I would say that the body is like a television: my antennas capture and reproduce Bruce's television program. Those receivers pick up that transmission. If I'm watching TV and the picture tube breaks, the TV is dead, but the transmission continues. So I take another one, turn it on, connect the channel and watch Bruce's show again, but on another TV, or what is the same, on another being. If that being has the same receivers that you have, you will be transmitting the same thing again, but in another body. This explains reincarnation and means that the body can come and go, but the transmission is always there.

Did that make you believe we have spirit?
I had never believed in the spirit, but when I saw this in the cell, it changed my whole life. The question I asked myself is: why this duplicity? Why have a spirit and a body? And the answer came from my cells: if only the spirit existed, what does chocolate taste like? Only with the spiritual part, how to live a sunset? What does it feel like when you're in love? All those sensations come from the cells of the body, which can smell, feel, have experiences. It collects all that, transmits it to the brain. It becomes vibrations and transmits it to the source of being. If my body dies, my source of being and my spirit have memory until I have another body. The most important lesson is that being alive is a gift, a joy for everything we can feel. When we do that, everyone will be healthy.

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