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Chip War and the real battle between the USA and China

Drawing on research in historical archives on three continents, from Taipei to Moscow, and over a hundred interviews with scientists, engineers, CEOs, and government officials, Chris Miller's Chip War, contends that semiconductors have defined the world we live in, determining the shape of international politics, the structure of the world economy, and the balance of military power. Yet this most modern of devices has a complex and contested history. Its development has been shaped not only by corporations and consumers but also by ambitious governments and the imperatives of war. To understand how our world came to be defined by quintillions of transistors and a tiny number of irreplaceable companies, we must begin by looking back to the origins of the silicon age.

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This is how the mother tincture of any plant is made

One of the most traditional and effective ways to take advantage of the properties of medicinal plants is through mother tinctures.

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The "green" King

Charles III leads by example and has been practicing organic farming for more than 40 years at Highgrove, his "green" retreat in the English countryside.

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Bruce Lipton: "Thoughts heal more than medicine"

Bruce Lipton calls for a new medicine, one that takes energy into account for its ability to heal.

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