The 6 essential super spices for your health

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A pinch of these delicate foods can radically transform any dish, due to its flavor and also due to its great medicinal properties.


Spices do not usually receive the place they deserve in our kitchens. They can be used in countless sweet and savory dishes and provide us with healthy properties that we should take advantage of.

Some spices cannot be missing from our recipes for their medicinal properties and incredible flavor.

1. Saffron, the threads that brighten up your life

This spice of oriental origin is also called "red gold". This is how appreciated the stigmas of this plant are. It promotes digestion, gets rid of bad breath and is an excellent natural antidepressant.

A very small amount is enough to flavor any dish and benefit from the saffron properties.

Infuse it: unless the recipe already calls for broth, infuse the saffron before adding it so that it releases all its flavor.

2. Clove, the scent that comforts

Picked unopened, this small flower smells of winter and Christmas. It gives dishes a spicy touch, a spicy point, which transports you to distant countries and at the same time makes you feel at home. Stimulates the internal fire that improves digestion.

With fruit: Try it with baked apples, pears or quinces, or candied oranges.

3. Cinnamon, exotic and balancing

There are different types of cinnamon, but the real one, Ceylon, is distinguished by its thin, multi-layered branches and pale color. Its aroma, sweeter than that of false cinnamon, is very popular in many traditional desserts, couscous or Christmas teas.

Cinnamon has a regulating effect. Sprinkling cinnamon on fruits, sweets or high-carbohydrate dishes not only adds a warm and exotic touch. It also moderates the passage of sugars into the blood and satisfies for longer. It is digestive, antiseptic and a good remedy against bad breath.

4. Turmeric, the secret of Ayurveda

Turmeric, an ingredient in curry, is called "saffron from India", as it colors vegetables, rice and creams with orange. It is often combined with pepper and oil. And it is that tradition is wise: both ingredients improve its assimilation. With a mild flavor, it is ideal for its anti-inflammatory power to relieve digestive discomfort and rheumatic problems.

Turmeric Almond Milk: Heat almond milk with cinnamon and cardamom over low heat, and add coconut oil with turmeric and pepper. Remove the cinnamon and cardamom, and sweeten to taste.

5. Ginger, the great digestive

Spicy and fragrant, the ginger may surprise you at first, but it feels so good that it invites you to repeat it and is difficult not to end up captivating. Relieves dizziness, nausea and gas. It is a great digestive and also fights inflammation.

Fresh or powdered: you can grate it on top of salads, stews, and soups, or take it as an infusion. It helps to warm the body and is very useful to deal with colds.

6. Vanilla, with toning power

This precious spice is obtained from an orchid of Central American origin that only a bee knows how to pollinate. In sweet creams, cupcakes, shakes and all kinds of desserts, it is the star. It has the advantage that its sweet aroma invites you to use less sugar in recipes.

Traditionally it is considered a tonic for the body and spirit. In addition, it promotes digestive well-being and protects the liver.

Avoid substitutes: "fake" vanillas do not contain this spice and do contain undesirable artificial substances. Choose authentic and fair trade vanilla.