How to replace the egg in the recipes

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Recipes that usually call for eggs can be made without this ingredient. There are alternatives to achieve light and surprising results


There are several reasons to look for egg substitutes. People who are allergic to its proteins should avoid it and those with high cholesterol should consume it in moderation.

But the most common reason for giving up this food is respect for animal life. Laying hens live in cages and are slaughtered at two years of age when they could live up to 15.

8 vegan alternatives to eggs

​The egg is a food with unique qualities in the kitchen. When heated, the protein expands and coagulates, giving volume to the preparations. However, with the right mixtures of other ingredients, similar results can be achieved in terms of textures, appearances and flavors.

So cooking without eggs doesn't have to be a problem, even if too many recipes include them. Here are some quick fixes depending on what you want to achieve. Choose the best option according to your case:

  • To give volume: replace 25% of the liquid in the recipe with sparkling water (be careful with the salt content!).
  • For lightness: Add half a teaspoon of baking soda when using fruit to replace the egg. It will make the result less dense.
  • To bind ingredients: Use tomato paste, potato starch, and pumpkin or other fruit purees.
  • For fluffiness: add baking soda, baking powder, vinegar, lemon or orange juice.

Several preparations are also proposed below that may be interesting to reduce calories in recipes (a single egg provides about 70) and add a variety of flavors and nutrients to regular menus.

1. Mix vinegar and baking soda

By mixing an acidic ingredient such as apple cider vinegar or lemon juice with equal parts baking soda, carbon dioxide bubbles are released which help risen and make muffins, cakes and cakes lighter

2. Flax seeds with water

When some ground flaxseeds are left in water, the fiber is transformed into a gelatin capable of amalgamating all the ingredients of a recipe, in the same way as the egg does, also giving it a juicy texture.

To replace each egg, mix one tablespoon of flax seeds and three tablespoons of water with a mixer. Wait half an hour until the mixture acquires a gelatinous texture and add a pinch of bicarbonate. It will be ready to use in cookies, pancakes, crepes and tarts that do not contain fruit.

3. Ripe banana

Half a mashed banana is equal to one egg and is used to bind the ingredients of a recipe and give the result juiciness. It is a good option when it does not matter that the banana flavor is appreciated, as in cakes and biscuits.

4. Applesauce

It offers less flavor than bananas and more juiciness. If this solution is used, the amount of fat indicated in the recipe can be slightly reduced, thus obtaining a lighter result. You have to use a compote without sugar and the recommended amount is 60 grams for each egg, which will add 45 calories.

It is a good option for moist cakes.

5. Silken Tofu

It is the least firm tofu, which can be whipped into a cream. 60g per egg is used in puddings, quiches, custards, mousses, pie fillings or cheesecakes and the like that will be pleasantly thick and creamy.

6. Kuzu, arrowroot or cornstarch

These flours can be dissolved in water (two tablespoons for each flour to obtain an amount equivalent to one egg) and heated until the mixture thickens. Then it is combined with the rest of the ingredients to make custards and other desserts.

7. Soy milk

It can be used to give shine to brioches, tarts or pies. Just paint the surfaces before baking. A large spoonful of soy yogurt can also be used as a substitute in preparations such as cupcakes and muffins.

8. Agar agar

With this seaweed, which is sold in the form of powder, flakes or sheets, atransparent gelatin is obtained that is mixed with