Why can olive oil help prevent Alzheimer's and cancer?

It is a basic food of the Mediterranean diet and new beneficial health properties continue to be discovered. A study shows that it can improve the state of neurons and reduce inflammation, which could help prevent Alzheimer's and other diseases.

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The 6 essential super spices for your health

A pinch of these delicate foods can radically transform any dish, due to its flavor and also due to its great medicinal properties.

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How to replace the egg in the recipes

Recipes that usually call for eggs can be made without this ingredient. There are alternatives to achieve light and surprising results

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7 gluten-free cereals for celiacs (and not so celiacs)

 These grain foods enrich a healthy, wheat-free diet with their variety of nutrients and flavors.

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5 unknown foods with great medicinal power

There are many relatively unknown foods that can give us that plus that our health needs. Incorporate them into your diet to give your health a natural boost.

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What are the different types of yeast? (Dictionary for novice bakers)

We have been eating bread since the beginning of our civilization, but many still do not know the properties and differences of the different types of leavening agents or yeasts.

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